Perfecting protection

When the OtterBox brand comes to mind, people instantly think of phone cases. But, to us, cases are just one branch of the mobile tech tree. Along with developing dependable phone cases, we’ve been diving deep into display defense technology. Our first screen protectors were simple plastic layers that got scratched up instead of the screen. As phones have evolved, we’ve advanced our tech way beyond those simple beginnings to develop a superior glass screen protector.

Screen protectors are all the same right?

Not at all. And that’s why there are so many options to choose from. Think of a modern car windshield. When a speeding SUV kicks up a flying rock that shatters your windshield, it stays in one piece to protect you from glass shards. That same thinking goes into screen protectors. If your phone flies from your fingers onto the pavement, we want the screen protector to absorb that impact force instead of your phone screen. That’s why, we refined our glass to resist intense force and not shatter or splinter when smacked.

Consumer research tells us that durability is the number one desired screen protector feature. Even though OtterBox screen protectors are some of the most durable, we continue to evolve our glass formulations to be even stronger. In addition, we’ve improved smudge and fingerprint resistance and we’ve simplified the installation process. We also incorporate specific technology that blocks unwanted viewing or blocks blue light waves. All of this work has led us to develop a portfolio of screen protectors that balance price with performance.

Amplify Glass

We teamed up with Corning, to give our glass a huge technological leap. Corning is the global leader in glass science with over a century of ingenuity on their resume. Corning engineered Amplify Glass, the first ever EPA-registered antimicrobial glass. Not only does Amplify Glass keep phone displays vivid and clear, but the glass is infused with silver ions that protect the phone screen surface against unwanted microbes.*

Alpha Glass

Alpha Glass is our long-standing, tried and true glass screen protector. Alpha Glass has been guarding screens and delivering flawless clarity, sensitive touch response and anti-shatter glass performance since 2014. Not able to leave a good thing alone, we are evolving Alpha Glass to make it stronger than ever before. This new formulation improves performance, making a dependable product even more reliable.

Trusted Glass

No one likes the term ‘entry level,’ but you have to start somewhere and why not start with entry level OtterBox glass? Trusted Glass delivers protection against drops, breaks and scratches. It’s scuff and smudge resistant, and its reliable protection out performs expectations when compared with value brands.

We've made the install easy. Check out the video below.

We’ve done all the hard thinking and in-depth research into glass technology so you can trust what you buy and get the performance you expect for the price you pay. All that’s left is to pick the screen protector that covers your display with just the right amount of protection. And while you’re at it, grab a case. OtterBox cases and screen protectors pair up perfectly to deliver total device protection.